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The 84th Texas Legislature was in session just until June 1! Time has run out! Ask Gov Abbott to call a Special Session.

HB 562, a Texas version of AMERICAN LAW FOR AMERICAN COURTS (ALAC) died at the last in the House Calendar Committee. No floor vote in the house. It would have passed.

HB 623, the Texas PRESERVATION OF SOVEREIGNTY AND MARRIAGE ACT, has been introduced by Cecil Bell. Ask gov Abbott to call Special Session to save state sovereignty over marriage.

SB 267, the Taxpayer Savings Grant, a SCHOOL CHOICE bill has been introduced by Senator Donna Campbell. Read how it would work here.

SB 346, the bill for LICENSED OPEN CARRY, introduced by Senator Craig Estes. Bill was referred to State Affairs Committee where it died. Read below.

HB 195, a related bill to remove the licensing requirement for open or concealed carry of a gun, sponsored by State Rep Jonathan Stickland. Referred to House Homeland Security and Public Safety committee. It was not voted out of committee. But another bill was passed through both houses of the Legislature. Read on Breitbart here.

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!" - Pericles
Important changes!

July - No Meeting:
The library needs our regular meeting room for summer reading programs.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 13th, 2015
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Why are we granting Obama any more power?
And Why all the Shenanigans to Get TPA to Obama's Desk?

Last week we posted the following message(in red). 

Tomorrow, Friday, June 12th, the House of Representatives is planning to vote on the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) or "Fast Track." Why would we allow it? To voice your opinion, make some calls tonight or tomorrow morning.  

The House passed it anyway, but only in part, so after some maneuvering, (attaching only the TPA provision to a popular firemen’s pension bill), they have passed it again on Thursday, June 18th. Now it is back to the Senate to find out if they can do anything to pass it and get it to the President’s desk. 

This gives you some time (but perhaps not much) to call your Senators and to continue to contact your Representative and others in the House. This bill is intended to grease the skids for the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which has been in negotiation for about six years, in secret. We know parts, because of leaks in other countries. This legally binding treaty would "level the playing field," so they say, but includes things like extensive global regulation; how all food is grown and consumed; how all energy is produced and consumed; land use; and questions of state and national sovereignty versus global sovereignty. These are issues that Americans should know about, but cannot, because these agreements are being negotiated in secret.

TPA gives the Obama administration the ability to negotiate in secret, add entangling rules to trade agreements, and then Congress can vote up or down, but has no ability to make any changes to the trade agreement. And due to "Fast Track" it would only require a simple majority to approve the trade agreement, not the two thirds required by the Constitution to ratify treaties. Future trade agreements would also be included under "Fast Track".

By the way, Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and Representative Lamar Smith all voted FOR the TPA. 

NOW is the time to make some contacts before it comes to the floor of the Senate again.

Here is a contact list for starters. Senators' contacts are now added.

Lets light up the phone banks again!
This is a bad deal!

Check the Events page for photos and highlights of  the June meeting and Attorney General Paxtons speech.
Why Give Obama Authority to Negotiate ‘Most Progressive Trade Agreement’ in History?

We have a president, committed to an expansive regulatory agenda at home, who has proclaimed his intention to negotiate “the most progressive trade agreement in our nation’s history.”

It is not clear why any Republican, conservative, or indeed anyone committed to economic freedom would want to grant him authority to do so. Read more here...
Time to start looking for the next president!
Only about 7 months away!

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