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      American Law for American Courts 
Speaking, J. Christopher Byrd, Partner
Law Offices of Davis, Byrd and Yost

Why does Texas need a law requiring our courts to adhere to our laws? 

For a number of years now, aspects of Islamic Sharia law have been finding their way into Texas and other American courtrooms. You may also remember that a few years ago and recently, a Supreme Court Justice posited that, not just our Constitution, but also foreign and international law should be considered in their rulings. The United Nations frequently writes treaties which, if ratified by our Congress, would severely limit the freedoms of American citizens which are guaranteed in our Constitution. 

As recognition of Sharia is being demanded in courtrooms across the country, 9 states have passed ALAC legislation.  The model legislation has never been successfully challenged. In Texas, an ALAC bill (SB 1639) was introduced in the last legislative session but did not pass.

J. Christopher Byrd is a founding partner in the Boerne law firm of Davis, Byrd and Yost. His Doctor of Jurisprudence and MBA are from Texas Tech University. He has served as a National Bank Examiner with the Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Treasury and as the Municipal Court of Record Judge in Amarillo, Texas.  Chris is a CPA and also former Risk Manager with Ultramar Diamond Shamrock and has held a number of risk management, legal and accounting positions with Phillips Petroleum Co. These positions all lend expertise in complicated business, banking, oil and gas, and risk management matters. Chris serves as Counsel for the Center for Security Policy and Act! for America and testified against the muslim brotherhood in the Texas Senate hearings on SB 1639 last year.

Chris is co-founder of EarlyAct FirstKnight, (www.eafk.org) a Rotary program which promotes service and moral character to young people in approximately 40 school districts, reaching some 55,000 students in four states.

Please join us to learn about Sharia in America, its threat to our liberty, and about the importance of ALAC in Texas and our nation. 

Our meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. Bring a friend or two.
As a partial solution to getting more young people to understand conservative principles, one of our Patriots, shown above, suggested that we look into the Young America's Foundation, an organization that has chapters nationwide, and consider suggesting a chapter in our area. 
Phil Vasile helped us to connect some of the dots as he spoke about how many of the communist party's goals to take over America have already been accomplished. 
It is a really frightening number of them.
The issues that are popping up at such a constant pace and are changing America, are they connected? The answer is yes. And it is a very serious topic as you can see from many of the faces below. We are worried that we may be connecting the dots too late.
Last month...
Bill Rice, on the right, led a discussion concerning what WE COULD DO to help strengthen the family unit which has been under attack. Phil Vasile, left, had a few points to make in a lively discussion.
Dr. Kulicz, right, and Bill, visiting from New Braunfels, chat before we get down to the serious presentation.
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