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EJ Thormaehlen, will explain two upcoming Free Trade Agreements that President Obama is promoting: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). For starters, the meetings, negotiations and transcripts from those meetings are secret. No one outside the negotiators knows just what the details are. Not only labor and trade relations, but intellectual property rights, internet freedom, the environment, national sovereignty and borders could be affected. And all sorts of regulations, foreign and domestic, will come with it.

Do you understand what the term "Fast Track" means? It is like pulling a fast one. Remember, the negotiations are secret. And if the Congress has given the President Fast Track authority, then there is only limited debate and no amendments can be added before an up or down vote.

Think that does not really concern you? Come find out just how detrimental these trreaties can be to the US and yes, even YOU where you live.  

Find out why your US Representative and your 2 Senators need to hear from you concerning these trade treaties.

The next Texas Legislative Session convenes January 13th. The election of a Speaker will be the first order of business in the Texas House of Representatives. Will the Speaker be Joe Straus or might it be Scott Turner? What issues will we be expecting to be addressed? Will they pick up some of the legislation that was thwarted in the last session? 

A trip is being organized to go to Austin for opening day. More about this outing at the meeting.

What other topics are important for you? Border security and illegal immigration, healthcare, business regulation, taxes, foreign law being used in our courts, Agenda 21, our freedoms and rights? Let’s discuss these and try to decide what we could do to effect the desired results from this legislature, from our local leaders and from the federal representatives we have elected.

 See you there!

Boerne TEA Party Patriots’ First meeting of 2015

Thursday, January 8th at 6:30pm 
in the Patrick Heath Library.

Come prepared to be informed, inspired, challenged and engaged!

Think Free Trade Agreements
will really bring free trade?​
EJ Thormaehlen is a sixth generation Texan, a Navy man who served on the USS Ticonderoga during the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and was employed for 20 years with the South Texas Nuclear Power Plant Project. He is currently a Boerne resident, a real estate broker and maintains a keen interest in politics.

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The 84th Texas Legislature convenes on Jan 13th.
Call you representative about who you want for Speaker and plan to go with other Boerne TEA Party Patriots to the opening session.
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