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Next meeting: Thursday, July 10, 2014
6:30 pm at the Patrick Heath Library
Connecting the Dots. Where is America headed? Phil Vasile will help us see the big picture.

The dots are the issues. One adverse issue after another seems to invade our day, every day. Whether it is the cost of flipping a light switch because the over-regulation and subsequent closing of coal-fired generating plants has made the cost of electricity “necessarily skyrocket,” the IRS being used as a hammer against those with differing opinions, the news of government agencies snooping in our private life, a nanny government usurping our personal and parental rights, our medical care going haywire, businesses being squashed by over-burdening regulation from an out-of-control EPA, illegal immigrants streaming across our border with impunity, lies being told about the attack on our embassy in Bengazi, or terrorists threatening the Middle East oil supply (again!) upon which we are still dependent in spite of so much oil and natural gas discovery here, and with U.S-made weaponry to boot! Why is that? Is there something going on that drives all these issues and many more? And to what end? 

What is happening? Where are we? Is the good ole USofA no longer a good and hopeful place to be? Are we on the road to that “fundamental transformation” or not?

All citizens are invited by the Boerne TEA Party Patriots on Thursday, July 10th, at 6:30 pm in the Patrick Heath Library, to hear Phil Vasile as he begins to connect these dots for us. He will explain and illustrate the hidden agenda that is behind so many of these problems and why they are not being fixed. It is a program for all who love America.

Phil Vasile is retired, having been employed by McAuto IT Service Bureau, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department, and IBM. He is a family man with a master’s degree and military service in the US Air Force. Other activities include being an adjunct professor at National University and serving as volunteer medic and firefighter for McQueeney, Texas.
At our last meeting...
Sig Swanstrom spoke on the need to be prepared for a number of scenarios.
An enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Boerne Tea Party Patriots meeting on Thursday evening, June 12, to hear Sig Swanstrom speak on the need for us all to be prepared for adversity to come, and not just own, train, and be able to safely use firearms, but also be financially, physically (food, water, gasoline, etc), and mentally prepared. We all need to thoughtfully consider what could and may likely happen in the reasonably near future, and decide upon appropriate action. By doing this now, we are more likely to make good decisions if and when these suddenly confront us.

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