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Next meeting: Thursday, June 12, 2014
6:30 pm at the Patrick Heath Library

“Be Prepared.”  We’ve all heard it many times; it’s the Scout motto. But what would that mean when referring to the use of deadly force in one’s own defense?

The Boerne TEA Party Patriots meeting on Thursday, June 12th at 6:30 pm in the Patrick Heath Library will feature Sig Swanstrom, an expert in security matters and firearms training. He will address the wisdom needed to make correct decisions, the training required to successfully defend oneself and the courage necessary to act upon that decision.

In his book, God, Guns, and Guts of Firearm Defense, The Bible View, to illustrate what the Bible teaches, Sig draws on Bible verses, the words of early church leaders, and Biblical truths used by our Founding Fathers as the basis for our Constitution.

Sig Swanstrom is a former police officer and LAPD SWAT team member. During his years of service, he had many deadly-force encounters with armed criminals; as a result, his writing and teaching is real-world practical. And today, as the owner of the highly acclaimed Texas Republic Firearms Academy, (TXRFA.org), Sig has also learned how to capture the interest of his audiences and teach them practical real world skills.

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Learn How
Being Prepared Would Include Firearms Training

Sig and Peggy Swanstrom

To view Sig's website and the website of his Texas Republic Firearms Academy, go to our Be Informed page or click here.