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Act!forAmerica meeting. 
John Guandolo and Claire Lopez will speak on the Muslim Brotherhood and the dangers of Sharia.
    March 13 at 6:30pm at the Village Parkway Baptist Church, San Antonio. Details here.   (Shown below February meeting info.)

Toll-Free Texas Day at the Capitol
Gregg Abbott will be joining Turf Texas on March 23rd. Details here.
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                  6:30 pm in the Patrick Heath  Library

“Free Trade” and “Fast Track” 
  How Will it Impact Your 
  Everyday Life? Cathie Adams to Speak.

    Two trade agreements are currently being negotiated by the Obama administration. The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreements are very wide-ranging, yet only a few of their many parts are about trade. Remaining chapters include extensive global regulation: how all food is grown and consumed; how all energy is produced and consumed; land use; financial and investment regulation; and questions of state and national sovereignty versus global sovereignty. International trade courts will have authority even over our United States Supreme Court. These are issues that Americans should know about, but cannot because these agreements are being negotiated in extreme secrecy. 

    Another big issue -- Obama wants Congress to renew Trade Promotion Authority, or “Fast Track”.  This law would give President Obama and his negotiators free reign to write all sorts of surprises into these huge and complex agreements, over which Congress will have no foreknowledge or input. The President can enter into and sign these documents,  present them to Congress and set a time limit to decide. No debate or amendments can be offered; they can only vote it up or down. Should we be trusting this administration with this sort of power?

    Cathie Adams is known to many in Boerne. As a fulltime volunteer, she serves conservative efforts 100 percent. Her bio is very extensive and can be viewed at The Texas Eagle Forum, here...

    Those who have heard her speak before know that she is a very engaging individual. Please join us to meet Cathie and learn about how these very important issues will affect your everyday life. 
    Meetings are always open to the public and everyone is welcomed to attend. Bring a friend or two.

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