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NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, November 13, 2014
6:30 pm in the Patrick Heath Library in Boerne
Ebola. What you should know.

Facts and concerns about the Ebola virus will be the topic of discussion before the Boerne Tea Party Patriots at this meeting.

Confused about Ebola? Should there be travel restrictions and quarantines? Should the military be quarantined upon returning from West Africa but not doctors and nurses? Should we be bringing infected people to the US for treatment? Is our nation (and are we) prepared for an outbreak here? Is one at all likely? 

Lorrie Agold-Rich, MSN, RN, CRRN, will give a presentation of facts about Ebola, how we might possibly be affected here in our area, and how we could be preparing to protect ourselves. Some of the facts might surprise you.

Lorrie, who is known to many in Boerne, has an extensive list of accomplishments in nursing, management, medical research, and nursing education. Lorrie has current training in disaster preparedness, to include natural occurrences, pandemics, and terrorist attacks (biological, chemical or radiological). Her writings have been featured in peer-reviewed publications. Most recently, she authored an article for The Liberty News, Exclusive: Was Ebola Designed as Bioterrorism Weapon and is Already Airborne? Texas Nurse Provides Terrifying Report. This article went viral with over 15,000 internet shares in one day. Read it here.

At the meeting, you will receive a handout, a list of items you might want to have on hand to be prepared for a pandemic, which could be something like Ebola or an especially virulent flu virus. Remember swine flu and bird flu?

Boerne TEA Party Patriot meetings are always open to the public. One of our greatest purposes is to help people become aware of issues will that affect them and their family, either immediately or in the future, so that appropriate action can be taken. 
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