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The Boerne TEA Party Patriots seek to inform citizens of issues that affect their lives, their families, and the community. Meetings are always open to the public and everyone is welcome. 
Thursday, October 8, 2015
6:30 pm
Patrick Heath Library, Boerne

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"My primary motivating force with this blog is to educate the public on what is happening in our country and ‘why’. Having over 30 years in law enforcement, and a great deal of experience in educating people on numerous subjects through my careers, my desire is to continue that endeavor by informing people of what is happening and why." Phil Vasile

Mr. Phil Vasile gave an in-depth introduction to the life of Mohamed and the beginnings of Islam.

Left: Joe Scrivano was greeted by a faithful volunteer, Harriet Viereck. 
Right: Dr. Andre Kulisz gives his monthly update on the status of Obamacare news.
So many points were made that it would be difficult to remember them all. Mr Vasile has graciously given us the whole slide presentation, which will spark your memory. Link to it here.
Above: Mrs. Peninger waits for the program to begin. 
Right: Sandy Judson, Andre Kulisz, Phil Vasile and Larry Ciano chat while partiots gather.

A good crowd was very engaged in the program presented by Mr. Vasile.

Some very interesting points were brought up. Did you know that the Quran was at first memorized and not written down until 125-150 years after Muhamad's death? It was later "re-organized" from chronological order to by length of chapter, longest first!

The demographic charts and maps presented also gave a good view of the global reach of Islam.
After the presentation and Q&A session, Jette Scott, who is from Denmark, shared her experience of Islamic immigration into that country.

Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum, will be the featured speaker for the Boerne TEA Party Patriots on October 8th at 6:30pm in the Patrick Heath Library. 

Civilization Jihad may be new term to many, but what does it mean? Cathie Adams will define and illustrate the term. A document, found incidentally in 2004, reveals the goals, strategy, and tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate, and eventually gain control of North America. Written earlier, in 1991, if examined today, it reveals just how far they have advanced. The objective is by non-violent Jihad, to move by stealth and insinuation into our daily lives: culture, schools, government, media, elections, intelligence and security agencies and into our financial system and especially into our judicial system. Prepare to be awakened!

Cathie Adams has an impressive resume. She is president of Texas Eagle Forum, a division of Phyllis Schlafly’s national Eagle Forum. As the International Issues Chairman for the national organization, Cathie has attended many United Nations conferences and summits. As the representative of a non-governmental organization, (NGO) she acts as a stalwart conservative watchdog, observing and speaking out against the UN’s very liberal agenda. Cathie will be attending the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Paris, November 30-Dec 11. Read more at www.texaseagle.org and at www.boerneteapartypatriots.org. 

Cathie Adams has spoken in Boerne several times and is knowledgeable and engaging. Please join us to greet her and learn about this extremely dangerous movement.

The Boerne TEA Party Patriots seek to inform citizens of issues that affect their lives, their families, and the community. Meetings are always open to the public and everyone is welcomed to attend.
Also follow Phil's blog website which is linked below.

Cathie Adams Speaks to Boerne TEA Party Patriots
Cathie Adams
President of Texas Eagle Forum