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Next meeting: Thursday, September 11, 2014
6:30 pm at the Patrick Heath Library
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​Remember 9/11/2001?
Boerne Tea Party Patriots Remember

In light of today’s world situation, perhaps it is most appropriate to recall and review the events of that 11th day of September, 2001. Everyone has their own first-hand account of that day: where they were, what they were thinking when the World Trade Center Towers were attacked.

On Thursday, this September 11th, at 6:30 pm in the Patrick Heath Library, the Boerne TEA Party Patriots will share those thoughts and ponder just how much our lives have changed.

The first-hand account, a letter, written by Rob Reinarz, who is a survivor of the World Trade Center attack, will be read at the meeting. He was in the South Tower when the first plane hit the North Tower and escaped before the second plane hit the South Tower. Rob, the son of TEA Party members, Bob and Karen Reinarz of Boerne, is also a survivor of the 1993 WTC bombing. Those in attendance who would like to share their personal memories about that day will be welcomed to do so.

During and after the attack, Americans came together! No political parties, no race, no ideology divided us. Our challenge today is to get back to that mindset, not divided by differences but united by common ideals: setting our minds on what really matters in America.

Meetings are open; bring friends. 
This is a law that Texas needs to protect our rights against the infringement of foreign law, such as Islamic Sharia.
                    is the principle which would allow one court to recognize the legal decision and jurisdiction of some other court, when making their decision. 

It might be a foreign court, and international law or some other court, like Sharia, which has a very different set of values and lacks the consideration of “rights” guaranteed to our citizens. Some Muslims in America are seeking "comity" for Sharia law in America.
Mary read from Article Six of the Constitution, which declares that The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
“We must protect our laws to preserve our liberty.” In Austin while the Texas Senate committee was hearing testimony concerning SB 1639, the Texas version of “American Law for American Courts” our speaker, J. Christopher Byrd, Esq., testified for six hours in favor of passing a law to prevent Sharia achieving “comity’ in our courts. However, the Muslim Brotherhood was given much more time and there was no opportunity to argue or rebut their statements. Very frustrating! 

Senate Bill 1639 did not come out of committee and onto the senate floor for debate and a vote. The House also failed to pass a bill to protect Texans from Sharia Law. 
"Our goal must be to make it happen in the next legislature."
Kendall County Judge Darrel Lux spoke briefly to Boerne TEA Party Patriots about the county budget process which is underway. His goal is “debt-free by ’23”. The plan is to buy only what we can afford; no new debt. Funds for an improved jail and EMT facility will come from funds on hand; new equipment and personnel will be secured with incoming tax revenues, without raising the tax rate. At this point in the process, the budget is getting close to being balanced.
A good question by
Erin Locke. "How is it that lawyers, who have sworn to uphold the laws of our land, can defend their clients using laws of some other jurisdiction, which are contradictory to ours?"
Chris Byrd and Judge Lux chatted amiably before the meeting took on a serious tone.