Drudge Report (Probably the most widely read news aggregator.)

​The New Americana  (a conservative news agregator and blog, in case you got tired of Drudge attempts to discredit Ted Cruz)

The Heritage Foundation

Breitbart News ( A very good news aggregator, expecially the Breitbart Texas tab.

Discover the Networks by David Horowitz (Understand the connections of individuals, groups, agendas, funding and the issues of the Left.)

American Policy Institute by Tom DeWeese (a conservative policy guardian against the global Agenda 21)

Empower Texans A policy watchdog for Texans

Refugee Resettlement Watch by Ann Corcorran (Immigration = Hijhra, the sister strategy of Jihad and how it is working in America)

Act! for America Brigette Gabriel's grassroots organization, dedicated to promoting national security and defeating terrorism

Eagle Forum by Phyliss Schlafly, leading the pro-family movement since 1972

Texas Eagle Forum The Texas chapter of Eagle Forum, dealing with Texas issues

Forbes Economic News

Ronald Reagan Library  Archives, Events of his Presidency, The Library and more

Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer exposing the role Jihad plays in modern global conflicts


Americans for Limited Government  Identifying, exposing and working with legislators to halt the expansion of government.

​Personal Liberty by Bob Livingston Prepping, Elections, Trending, Global Economics, etc.

The Center Security Policy by Frank Gaffney and others to identify challenges and opportunities likely to affect American security, broadly defined, and to act promptly and creatively to ensure that they are the subject of focused national examination and effective action.
Try these websites for information on a number of topics relevant to our nation today. Just always view all internet information using your own best judgement. Each of these and other websites are written by humans and we are all subject to mistakes in judgement at times. Your additions and comments are welcome on our Contact Us page.